A new school for Attawapiskat

Remember this?

When I joined the blogburst in support of a new school for the First Nation community in Attawapiskat, I was already behind the times. The old school had been condemned in 2000, eight years before. It should never have taken this long but at least progress is finally being made and it appears to be more than just talk.

As work continues to ease a housing crisis in Attawapiskat, another important construction project is starting.


Work on the site for a new elementary school is underway.


Seeing the work start on the school is emotional for Andrew Koostachin of Attawapiskat.

"I feel pride and a lot of happiness," he said. Koostachin's teenaged daughter Shannen became the face of the long fight for the school.

She was killed in a car crash shortly after the government announced it would be built.

The new school is expected to open in 2013. There's an architectural drawing accompanying the CBC article. So there's a bit of good news for a change, even if it's been a long time coming.

PS: Yes, I'm aware of the motion that passed in the House of Commons earlier today but that was a non-binding motion. I'll cheer when implementing legislation is passed and money is actually allocated.

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