Science is a stupid thing


So your federal government is going to protect you from it.

The public has lost free online access to more than a dozen Canadian science journals as a result of the privatization of the National Research Council's government-owned publishing arm.

Scientists, businesses, consultants, political aides and other people who want to read about new scientific discoveries in the 17 journals published by National Research Council Research Press now either have to pay $10 per article or get access through an institution that has an annual subscription.

The new fees have been in effect since Jan. 1, but their impact will likely only become truly apparent over time as the cost of purchasing what are usually monthly or bi-monthly journals piles up.

Because when you're trying to improve the economy in the information age, the way to do it is to make information as difficult to come by as possible. Your Harper Government™, ladies and gentlemen: advertising more but actually doing less.

H/t to Holly Stick at Bread and Roses.

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Just one little correction there, pogge .... it is not: ".... your federal government is going to.." it is The HARPER GOVERNMENT now.

The "Science" minister doesn't believe in science, so why should anyone else?


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