"Alberta and Canada have consistently chosen the low road"


According to a report issued by Climate Action Network Canada, the governments of Alberta and Canada don't work for their citizens, they work for the oil industry.

The federal government and Alberta are working to weaken climate policies in the U.S. and Europe in order to support the oilsands, according to environmental group Climate Action Network Canada.

The group released a report Monday finding "a concerted effort to weaken climate policies outside our borders, with the aim of ensuring that no doors are closed to Canada's highly polluting tar sands."

The story talks about three different instances where taxpayer dollars have been spent to lobby other jurisdictions in an effort to weaken environmental standards and undermine attempts to develop alternative sources of energy.

That would be Stephen Harper's principled foreign policy at work — making the world worse in the name of short term profit.

H/t to Holly Stick

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I am sure the Pacific Islands voted against Canada's Security Council bid, because of our strong Middle Eastern Policy.

Charlie Angus said as much in the House (See Hansard, Nov. 19, 2010):

Mr. Charlie Angus (Timmins—James Bay, NDP): Mr. Speaker, many people in Canada have had two underlying suspicions about the government. Number one is that the Prime Minister has absolute contempt for democracy and will step over the bounds of democracy whenever it suits his purpose. The second thing people feel is that the government is little more than a front for big oil and the tar sands, and this week, both those suspicions came together when the government used an unelected, unaccountable body to crush the will of the House of Commons. This is unprecedented and a very disturbing fact, particularly given that this was a climate change bill.

We look at who the government has been appointing into the Senate, after promising that it would do something different.

I would like to quote the hon. Irving Gerstein. As he was brought into the Senate, he said:

"I am one of the 18 new senators appointed by the Prime Minister. Now some commentators have called us bagmen. I want to tell you, I do not admit to being a bagman. I proclaim it. I believe the job of raising funds for the Conservative Party is honourable and necessary."

Why does the government show such contempt for Canadian people by putting such lowbrow hacks and pals into that chamber to thwart the will of the democratically elected people of Canada?

Did we really need Climate Action Network Canada to tell us the obvious?

But we can be confident that Mr. Ignatieff and the Liberal Tar Sander caucus won't stand for this. Liberal or Tory, Canada will continue down the path of any Petro-State.

awwww poor gerstein. bagmen don't like being called bagmen these days.

here's a great indicator of where gerstein and harper's relationship sits.


yes, let us all pray...


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