Alex Hundert re-arrested


Activist Alex Hundert is back in police custody. The Toronto Star quotes his lawyer saying that it's a new charge rather than a violation of his bail conditions but it's not clear what that charge is.

If you're not familiar with this story I did a quick summary of the background here and then posted again a couple of days later to express disbelief at the bail conditions that had been imposed on Hundert. He subsequently appeared in court requesting a review of those conditions and a Crown prosecutor was gracious enough to relent and indicate that Hundert would be allowed to speak to the media. Yes, that was sarcasm. That article quoted his lawyer saying that his client would likely continue to avoid direct contact with the media. You'd almost think that they were paranoid. I can't imagine why.

I'll be interested to find out what this new charge is and you can bet I'll pass it on. It really seems as though the powers that be are toying with this man, just because they can.

The statement referred to in the Star story from the Community Solidarity Network is reproduced here at the Toronto Media Co-op.

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Geez, there are a lot of things pissing me off as of late.

I don't get what's going on here. Are they trying to "make an example" of this fellow? Are they digging for information? It makes me wonder what he knows that they don't want him to share with the outside world. It's really nonsensical, on so many levels!

It makes me wonder what he knows that they don't want him to share with the outside world.

I don't think it's any particular knowledge or opinion they think they can stifle. I think you were closer to the mark when you suggested they're making an example of him. If they can harass him enough to make him back off, it would probably make a lot of others back off as well.

He will serve more time in jail than Williams. After all, in Canada telling the truth about government is a crime, murder not so much.

Another Star article, which describes Hundert and some of his activities:


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