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Canadian jets scrambled to intercept Russian bombers in the arctic

CHURCHILL, MAN. - Two CF-18 fighter jets were scrambled to intercept Russian bombers that came within 55 kilometres of Canada's Arctic territory, just as Prime Minister Stephen Harper prepares to make a high-profile visit to the region.

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! They're targeting our prime minister!

But we know from previous reporting that these flights aren't unusual. This dance in the skies has been going on for years and until recently wasn't deemed to be headline news. Note the response from the PMO.

"Thanks to the rapid response of the Canadian Forces, at no time did the Russian aircraft enter sovereign Canadian airspace," Dimitri Soudas, Harper's director of communication said in an email.

Right. Without the rapid response by Canadian Forces, those Russian aircraft would have violated Canadian airspace and bombed your house. Dimitri Soudas knows this for a fact!

It's interesting to see the way these stories are now breathlessly reported in the news just when there's renewed criticism of the government's intention to buy those F-35s.PS: Why isn't Dimitri Soudas in jail for dodging a subpoena? Or did he make that statement from a holding cell?

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Ye gods and little fishes! Who can possibly take these clowns seriously?

Soudas said the technologically advanced F-35 is the best plane the government could provide for the military and "when you are a pilot staring down Russian long-range bombers, that's an important fact to remember."

Yeah, right. It's also an important fact to remember that the Tupelov TU-95 "Bear" has been in service since 1956. The Canadian Forces began receiving the CF-18 Hornet since 1982.

There may be a case to be made for the F-35. Maybe. But we don't need it to battle the Bear.


They should have sent the SeaKings up. Everyone is afraid of being crushed by them!!!

In 1972 as a member of the Air Cadets, I attended a field trip to the NORAD base in North Bay, while on our tour of the facility we were ushered into a room with a promise of a special treat. Upon entering the room which turned out to be the aircraft tracking facility we were informed that they were in the process of tracking 3 Russian aircraft that were probing our air defenses. Having grown up knowing nothing but the cold war we all looked at each other with terror in our eyes, this elicited a great deal of laughter from the personnel present. They then proceeded to explain that this was a game both sides played on a regular basis and there was nothing to fear.

If this was nothing to worry about during the height of the cold war, it certainly is nothing to worry about today. But then we all know that don't we. The Cons should give this one a rest because it is doubtful that no one but the absolutely gullible are buying it.

The thing that bothers me is that our politicians, in particular our Prime Minister and his staff, are purposefully antagonizing the Russians, and trying to use antagonism against the Russians to support the purchase of these fighter jets, without going into any kind of detail about why they would be superior to the jets currently operating.

Really, why not just answer the questions in a straight forward manner. And why are the Russians being set up as a threat? It's insanity.

Did you know that some shadowy group of border-flyover-loving Ruskies are planning to build an Orthodox church, just two blocks from Canadaian Ground Zero!?! (Canadian Ground Zero = Colisée Pepsi). And, hey, wait a minute - there's a guy named Dimitri working in the PMO? Maybe he should take his Putin-loving Fifth Columnist ass back back to Novorossiysk!

Enjoy reaping the whirlwind, Prime Minister.

(Also: In Soviet Russia, Arctic watches you.)


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