And in between bouts of laughter at Tony Clement and the Fraser Institute...

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You might consider dropping by the website of the U.S. Census Bureau to see how much information the government of that country — that bastion of free markets — makes available to people at no charge. I think the page on Data Access Tools is particularly interesting. The internet access may be a recent development but the U.S. government has long made information available for free that StatsCan charges for. And why not? The taxpayer pays to have it gathered and analyzed. Why shouldn't the taxpayer have access to it?

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Over at the G&M Jeffrey Simpson contends that Clement and Flaherty opposed this policy and wrote Harper expressing their opposition, but were rebuffed. If true and Clement has any honour whatsoever then he should resign. Staying on and defending a policy he knows to be wrong headed shows as did his porkbarreling in the lead up to the G8 a distinct lack of honour, as well as a willingness to lie to the people of Canada

Just as the Liberals deserved to be punished for their transgressions against the Canadian public, so too do the Cons.


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