Friday night


I've got a lot of slide guitar for you this evening, though the stringed instrument on this first one isn't technically a guitar; it's an electric dobro. This is Keb' Mo' and his drummer performing Am I Wrong.

There are at least two different theories about the man behind the legend of John Henry and the race he won against a steam-powered hammer. And there are a number of songs based on the legend. This is Moreland & Arbuckle's version of the story. (And the instrument that Aaron Moreland is playing isn't a regular guitar either. It's an instrument of his own creation with one bass string and three guitar strings stretched across a cigar box. I have no idea what it's called.)

32-20 Blues was originally recorded by Robert Johnson. This is Gov't Mule and Warren Haynes is playing a Gibson Les Paul. (Unless of course it's something else cleverly disguised as a Gibson Les Paul just to screw with me.) Have a good weekend.

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Hi -- here I am!
I did another "throwdown" today -- was reminded of the Smothers Brothers version of John Henry, so I posted it too.

She didn't do Streets of Laredo, though. I had to add that.

Hotel Sierra, pogge.

My god.

You have outdone yourself.


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