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Maybe the real reason Stephen Harper prorogued parliament was so the opposition parties wouldn't be able to make fun of the government during Question Period when Canada wins the award for the ugliest pavilion at the Olympics.

H/t Impolitical.

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Oh NO! Ok, that is the height tacky! But then, Neo-cons were never known for good taste were they?

"adequately will serve" -- oh, dear. Damning with bureaucratic praise.

It would be interesting to know more about the planning -- were they slow off the mark? who tendered? who chose and why?

All we know is that it's a day late and quite a few dollars too much for a box store with a canvas roof on top and a McDonald's arch out front (only blue, o' course).

But don't worry -- "Canadians don't care ..." I see another Facebook group in our future.

Guess what we're getting for the World's Fair? Something designed, not by some elitist architect, but by cirque du Soleil; no, seriously. Architect on As It Happens tonight, near the end of Part 1.

It is the perfect symbol of the Conservative Party: boring, mostly white, with a blue streak going down the middle of it.


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