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We learned this week that Kate McGarrigle passed away on Monday. I wanted to mark her passing and I'll start with a clip from the Winnipeg Folk Festival in 1992.

There are a number of performances of Talk to Me of Mendocino on YouTube. I think I found a good one that hasn't already been picked up this week but I could be wrong. The McGarrigles and their music have a lot of fans and if you frequent the blogosphere I'm sure this isn't the first you've seen of them in the past few days.

And to close, from just about a year ago here's a performance of Willie Moore by Kate, her son Rufus Wainwright and Elvis Costello. Costello isn't part of the family but they had to let him sit in -- it's his show. Have a good weekend.

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Superb, pogge. Family was such a gift to that family, and you can see that and feel it even when they're performing with others they drew into their family.

To me, Kate and Anna both had a special raw edge to their voices that made their harmonies more arresting. From the time we first heard them, they sounded like nobody else, and yet their charm travelled so well.

In tribute to your post, I posted another great McGarrigle song, too, the logroller's waltz.

Cathie, you beat me to it with the 'Log Drivers' Waltz' but here's another fav of mine: 'Complainte Pour Ste. Catherine'
"Ca fait longue temps q'on fait d'la politique -
veingt ans de guerre contre les moustiques..."
"Long time we've been politicking -
twenty years of war against the 'skeeters..."
btw - that's Kate doing the intros and on the rollicking squeezebox.


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