I don't know Tom Flanagan either


And I've never seen him on Parliament Hill. Also.

I do, however, for my sins, know who he is, and I'm not even a member of the Conservative caucus. Even if I were, I think I would have picked up on Evan Solomon's prompts after his first two or three tries.

Aside: Why does this story keep making me think of Where's Waldo?

Of all the good chuckles I've had over this story today, the best was the first I read, from Dylan at Right of Centre Ice, which is a treat, very neat little piece of writing: "Shelly, Shelly, Shelly":

... Goodale can hardly keep himself from laughing and then he goes on to chiffonade everything Sheila... err.... Shelly, said.

Did you watch this Tom? How does it feel to be snubbed on national television -- nay, thrown under the bus, by a rookie Conservative backbencher? This would make my blood boil.

Bit of a shame that Dylan didn't mention Mulcair too, since he and Goodale together both did very well -- so well, in fact, that they might have reminded everyone watching that there are some grown-ups still hanging on by their fingernails in Parliament, and those were two pretty good specimens. Goodale. Mulcair. Hmmn.

Glover's glassy-eyed responses to Solomon have reminded a lot of people of dear Sarah, of course. When she simply ignored everyone else's rational readings of Harper's obvious motives for proroguing and segued to a McCarthyite attack on John McCallum (a talking-point that BigCityLib has already debunked from the transcript), though, she reminded me more of Liz Cheney, who did exactly the same thing this past weekend when confronted with facts about how long it took Dubya to speak to the problem of Richard Reid, the 2001 shoe-bomber. Liz just drove straight over the question and the facts as if they weren't there, hammered home her charge that Obama is soft on security and probably less than a patriot, and all the Villagers present let her get away with it.

No, I don't think that Shelly Glover is ever going to rise to the heights of empowered malice that Baby Dick commands. I don't think she's even as smart as dear Sarah. I'm very tempted to turn her around and check for a key in her back.

But she is evidence of what Stephen Harper wants -- from his cabinet, his caucus, from Parliament, from citizens generally. He wants robots who will persist in reciting nonsense, whatever nonsense he dictates, in the face of all rational argument and in spite of the facts, in defiance of reality.

Curiously enough, that's something Tom Flanagan, good Rovian vulgarian that he is, believes in too. "It doesn't have to be true. It just has to be plausible." Maybe that's all Flanagan was saying this week, even before Shelly's disastrous attempt to disown him. Steve, kiddo: this is just not plausible.

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This is the same conservative MP who was shocked and confused when her "donation" of conservative logo-emblazened water bottles were declined by the Louis Riel School Division in Winnipeg.

Awesome. This might be the weirdest thing I've seen happen so far. She's been on Parliament Hill now for a year and a half!

I had forgotten that, SM, but yes, the woman seems to have a democracy deficit, does she not?

Och aye, David, that is one of the funniest lines of all: "I've been there a year and a half!" LOL.

Oh yes! Her responses were magnificent and had nothing to do with what she had been asked ... it was breathtaking :)

And I, too, was really impressed with Mulcair. Goodale's a pro, and I know about him, but Mulcair I'd never seen before (I don't watch any television ...) I wish he was NDP leader -- he's clearly firing on all cylinders.

Nina, yes, much of the time I was thinking more about Mulcair and Goodale. I was thinking things like, "Gosh, these two can think on their feet. Talk too. Amazing."

Not that Jack or even Iggy can't think, but they just can't connect at all levels at the same time. Mulcair and Goodale -- promising thoughts.

Thanks for the shout-out Skdadl and the comments on my blog! Today, I gave Mulcair the respect he was due yesterday.

The Glover fiasco, the more I think about it, might actually be the next tactic in the Harper bag-o-tricks: deny, deny, deny.

I don't know who Tom Flanagan is? I've never met a tortured Afghan detainee. We never said there wouldn't be cuts to social programming!

Hi, Dylan. I would have left you a comment at your place, but I am having trouble sorting out Google/Blogger passwords (I know I have to fix that one day), so I can never use those Haloscan boxes if they don't give me the name/URL option.

There's great scope in the "I've never met ..." or "I never said ..." gambits. Just think of all the things you've never actually said, even though you've done them. I mean, it takes a bobblehead to believe that's a competent answer to serious questions, but then that party seems to have a full complement of bobbleheads.


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