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People don't care about Afghan detainee issue: Harper

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canadians don't really care about the Afghan detainee issue, according to CBC-TV correspondent Peter Mansbridge, whose feature interview with the Prime Minister airs tonight.

Completely irrelevant. And at this point the Afghan detainee question, as important as it is, isn't even the primary issue. A majority of members of parliament voted in favour of a motion to release unredacted documents to a parliamentary committee and Harper's government has ignored the motion and apparently shut down parliament rather than comply. It doesn't matter one bit whether the average person on the street is interested in the details of the issue. It matters that Harper and his government are in contempt of parliament.

The interview hasn't aired yet but if Mansbridge settled for Harper's distraction and didn't put the focus right back on the government's refusal to answer to parliament then Mansbridge didn't do his job.

H/t to Scott Tribe.

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CBC vid is up.
Mansbridge does make some attempt to do his job, saying what polls say Canadians are interested in re detainees is not the point. What he doesn't do is take it the step further to confront Steve on dismissing parliament's motion.

A total cop-out from Mansbridge on one of the most vital issues involved in the current prorogation constitutional crisis.

"It doesn't have to be true. It just has to be plausible." Tom Flanagan in Rovian mode (is he ever in any other?) last September.

So that interview last night was Steve's latest attempt to seem plausible as an ordinary bloke who shares the concerns of ordinary blokes. That's his only way of ducking a charge as serious as contempt of Parliament and disguising what he's doing. I think they've gone too far this time because the charge is too serious, but we'll see, I guess.

Mansbridge made the one point -- democracy is not a referendum (although I think the Reform wing of the Tories indeed believes it is or should be) -- but not the other, which would have been harder for Harper to answer head-on.

And then Harper was free to do his fake nice-guy number -- not a partisan, so above that sort of thing, unlike those other guys ...

Mansbridge probaby also supports "the mission" (tm) and so, is just as relieved as harper to imagine that people don't care that it's been thoroughly discredited.

That and the fact that a lot of "reporting" appears to be allowing the powerful to say anything they want and broadcast these lies and propaganda to a large audience.

Pardon my personal epiphany, but I have finally been able to reconcile Harper's worldview and actions. As an adherent to the Alliance Church, he believes in the Rapture, the Apocalypse, Christian supremacy, etc. ( and he's stated that he's only concerned with God's judgement of his actions). Therefore issues such as climate change, health care system sustainability, longterm national financial viability, clean energy, political ethics, etc are just not that important compared to the "imminent" Second Coming. (However, in light of this theory, I'm still not sure how one squares torture and Jesus....)

Maple: torture & Jesus go about as well together as Capitalism and Christianity (or any other religion that preaches helping your fellow man, loving thy neigbour and healing the sick).

That is why wingnuts like Andy Schlafly (of Conservapedia infamy) is rewriting the bible.


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