Because they need to concentrate on the Olympics


CTV News has a story reviewing the ongoing effects of the medical isotope shortage that has resulted from the shutdown of the Chalk River reactor last May. You may recall that Minister of Natural Resources Lisa Raitt referred to the problem as "sexy" and thought it offered all kinds of opportunity for her to shine but she appears to be taking her sweet time getting around to it. Consequently we have medical tests delayed and deferred, people going outside the country for treatments at double and triple the cost, health professionals reverting to diagnostic methods they haven't used in a generation and — just what we need in a struggling economy — layoffs due to the shortage.

In an appearance before a Commons committee last month, the president of the Canadian Medical Association said:

... the current situation is neither optimal nor sustainable, and there appears to be no long-term plan

But I'm sure the government will get right on that. As soon as they finally get back to work in March, deliver a new throne speech and then re-introduce the thirty-plus pieces of legislation that died on the order paper the moment the Governor General prorogued parliament. Governing is hard work, you know. Especially when you have a government that doesn't want to do it.

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Canada Border Services Agency will be at your door shortly, pogge. You will be transported to the nearest border crossing, where you will be interrogated closely, maybe even enhancedly, about your negative attitude towards the Olympics. And you're not going to slip out of this the way that Amy Goodman did, by pretending you didn't know about the Olympics. Look at your title!

I don't know what they do with Canadian citizens who fail the patriotism exam. Presumably, the Americans don't want you. I hear that we're building new and more profitable prisons up here, though.

But I'm sure the government will get right on that.

Nope, they won't. Don't you realize yet that the invisible hand of the market will work it all out, pogge? All you have to do is close your eyes and wait.

The next time a Cons supporter gets cancer, we should rremind them that he/she voted for a party that thinks cancer is sexy, so they should not expect any sympathies from those of us who did not vote for this govt? See, this is what Harper does well: drive a wedge between Canadians. LOL.


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