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I wonder why people get so excited at the thought of the Bloc Québécois being part of a governing coalition when the BQ have shown more respect for our democratic institutions than the Conservatives have.

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Because it is easier for people to market their anti-french bigotry, when it is cloaked in a faux pan-Canadian nationalism. This has been another edition to simple answers to simple questions. ;)

And I read it and voted it up at PB for whatever that's worth.

Greg: HEAR! HEAR! You nailed it!
Awhile back I posted this heartfelt rant over at the Gazetteer (my other favourite blog ;-)):

"Bang The Thread Slowly
Are You Talkin' To Me?
No Rage, No Bull Ville

Doug P. was good enough to post this up in response to my last screed on what might, or might not, be the scariest of all possible post-election alliances:

"As one born an anglo-quebecer (read: born Liberal) who evolved from a raving Trudeaumaniac in '68, (I was sweet sixteen & a political virgin, ok?), into a New Democrat only after taking a coupla 2x4s up alongside the head: (War Measures Act 1970/Wage & Price controls 1972); I consider it the greatest political tragedy of my generation that every small 'p' progressive in Quebec from Real Menard, (BQ MP for Montreal-Holchelaga who outed himself in the House standing up to bigot Rosanne Skokes a few years ago), to my dearly-beloved francophone brother-in-law see eye-to-eye with me on social issues but have been completely co-opted by l'independance. Both have told me that if there were no BQ they would (mais oui!) vote NDP with me. In fact, Quebec is by far Canada's most socially progressive province.

Which just kills me.

Anyway, we won't have the numbers this time but maybe someday we'll see a BQ-NDP coalition. An even more unholy alliance than the Libs & Cons? (Which, btw, we already have here in BC. "THE SOCIALISTS ARE AT THE GATES!! as WACky Bennet used to cry.) Before you call me crazy, think about it - maybe we _can_ work it out. Goddess knows Sir John A. and Sir George-E. didn't have an easy time of it at Quebec, Charlottetown or London but they cut a deal.

As they like to say over at my other favourite blog: 'Peace, Order and Good Government, Eh?'


Wonder what our old friend eteba will have to say about that one.

As far as I'm concerned it's stuff like that that makes this Bloggodome thing trip the night fantastic, not to mention electric.

Thanks Doug!


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'Nuff said!


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