Friday night


Apparently this is the opening number of the set. If this is how Dr John warms up an audience, who am I to argue?

At this point I think that Hot Tuna is any collection of musicians that has Jorma Kaukonen out in front. (And man does that Martin he's playing make my mouth water.)

And finally, to quote one of the commenters on the YouTube thread: ah, hell yeah. This performance was about 40 years ago. That's Jesse Ed Davis on guitar, by the way. Have a good weekend.

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I can't believe I missed the bat-signal!

Och, pogge, that was a fantastic concert, and Dr John is such a workout for me, arms and bum both, or all, maybe I should say. Gracie's learning ...

Uh-huh, that is just exactly how 'The Night Tripper' warms things up - see you in the 'Big Easy' sometime...
btw - skdadl, not a word of French from you or it will be:
"Cousine, cheri, viens dancer avec moi!!"

Enchanté, m'sieur.


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