Friday night


To start us off this evening, here are three guys who can play a little guitar.

This is George Leach, who hails from Lillooet, BC. He can play a little guitar, too. (H/t to Some Old Guy.)

And finally, John Mayall and the Blues Breakers are joined by two "extremely famous people" and one of them can play a little guitar. The other can sing a little and play some harp. Have a good weekend. See you Sunday morning if not before.

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I this minute raise a glass to your fine taste. The Mayall vid prompted me to dust off my vinyl copy of his "Jazz/Blues Fusion" (1970-71? ... sorry 'am hammered and forget release date off the top of my head). It is snapping & crackling & ripping in the background as I type!

Again, excellent choices.

You've got a throwdown from cathie, pogge.

Hi, POGGE -- great music and check out Men With Banjos Who Know How To Use Them. Great picking all around.


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