Good morning, Canada!

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And welcome, citizens, to day three of the Maple Syrup Revolution.

Chandra Crawford, Torino Olympics 2006

I hate to be a scold ("No, skdadl, you don't. You love it."), but I really wish that our team (people who believe in democracy) could stop propagating Conservative lies about how parliamentary democracy works.

Now hear this: Canadians do not vote for a leader, a party, a mandate, or a government. Canadians vote for an MP, a representative of teh people.

Privately, of course, Canadians could be thinking all kinds of things as they vote for that MP. Me, for instance -- I actually do vote by party, but I believe we know that most Canadians don't. Some people are impressed by leaders and vote that way, although that seems kind of Disneythink to me, and besides, given the current menu, it looks a distinctly unappetizing political standard.

Canada is not Hollywood; it is not Disneyworld; and it is not Washington. A majority of the people's representatives in the current Commons do not support the Harper government, and that is what counts, as in counting, as in numbers. There is nothing unprecedented or difficult about this situation -- it is the way that parliamentary democracy works, peeps.

Let's hear it for the coalition. (And could people please stop calling the Commons the House?)

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I see we sort of cross-posted on this one. ;-) Obviously you've been listening to the same annoying news stories.

Honestly, Kevin: I usually try to watch behind the scenes.

But yes, I spent some time this morning trying to figure out why so many members of our team are so hesitant about what is clearly the rational and entirely constitutionally respectable option.

We gotta get some spines stiffened this week.

Exactly. For example, even among the 38% who voted for the Cons party/MP, there are those who would have preferred someone else other than SH to be the PM (if they had been given a choice on the matter). Therefore, it seems either dishonest or ignorant,to claim that SH had the full 38% mandate to be PM even from those who voted Cons. All we know is that he most definitely had less than 38% support from all Canadians who voted on Oct 14 -- thus the claim that Canadians had given him a strong mandate to be PM is quite preposterous, or I suppose, blatantly ignorant and perhaps intended to mislead for partisan purposes.

Thanks, skdadl, for making me cry.

And when I questioned myself on those tears, I came to the conclusion that I feel as though the people of Canada might just be getting their country back. Perhaps the Obama revolution in the US of A has, indeed, inspired our Maple Syrup Revolution and encouraged politicians to act in our best interests instead of in their parties'.

Or am I just dreaming?

Maple Syrup Revolution. I'm going to steal that.

trm, isn't she just the most beautiful child as she sings out so strongly?

I think that Harper ambushed us with an early election precisely because he knew things were only going to get worse, and he was gambling that this was the best he could do. He got part way there, but not far enough, and people know more now than they did in September.

The nastiness became so obvious last week, and worse, there is no plan. Flaherty and Harper don't know what they're doing, and I think that people have grasped that very quickly, maybe partly by watching the steady work that Obama has been doing south of the border.

I dunno, but I hope that this works.

Dr D, for some reason I didn't see you at first.

But please: feel free. I think we do Creative Commons here, or something. Nobody here earns money. That's our charm. ;-)

This is rich!

Pierre Poilievre just made a total ass of himself on CBC Newsworld. The desperate conservatives have released "news" regarding an NDP caucus meeting that they were invited to listen in on. Oh the scandal? That the Bloc (or should I say SEPARATISTS) and NDP have been conducting "secret shady meetings"to reverse the election results in their quest for a MASSIVE power grab.

I sure hope it was caught on YouTube because it is so over the top you can't help but laugh. What a weasel.

Also go vote for coalition:

I will also steal the Maple Syrup Revolution terminology.

Skdadl is also right that a lot of the Conservative chatter about this involves a refusal to live within the confines of Parliamentary government.

They'd prefer another Constitution, where the first party past the post always gets to govern, no matter how many voters oppose them.

And they'd like it if the Governor General had to call an election when the sitting PM thinks it's convenient.

Too bad for them that that is not the system, and never has been. 38% of the vote gives you a CHANCE to govern,but you have to be able to bring Parliament over to your side. They blew it, so bye bye.

At Kady's and elsewhere people are discussing whether the taping of this private caucus phone meeting was illegal (and if the PMO releasing the tape or a transcript or whatever is also illegal.) Supposedly some Conservative was sent the invitation to the phone conference by accident. But in that case they must have failed to identify themself accurately.

"Maple Syrup Revolution. I'm going to steal that."

Me too! Me too! :)

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