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Sign on Wall Street:

Thanks to transplant at Bread and Roses

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With no damn parachute, golden or otherwise.

Yeah, just jump and rid humanity of superfluous parasites.

Reminds me of the Derek and Clive song.


Jump, you fucker jump.
Jump into this here blanket what we are holding
and you will be alright.

He jumped. Hit the deck.
Broke his fucking neck - there was no blanket.


Fantastic sign.

These are the same types who are stripping our countries of safety nets for the "ordinary" folks. Why, so they and their high rollers/investors can make more money just for the sake of it.


It's big....

The problem....

The plan....

The proposal.....

The program....

And, most of all, the Pottervilles.

Oh ya, and it's hard work, too.


I've heard about that statement, RossK, but I haven't seen or read it yet.

It reminds me so of Barbie: "Math is hard!

I am very much liking that sign, and thinking of a few other contexts where it might be appropriate! :)

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