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Meet Alan Grayson.

I'm Alan Grayson, and I'm the Democratic candidate for Congress in Florida's district eight. And I'm the attorney of record in every single case now pending in Federal court involving war profiteers in Iraq.
I'm running because I'm fed up with the government mismanagement, the Bush administration's shameless pandering to war profiteers. I think they set out on a deliberate course to make this war good for the people who were their friends. And I want to try to hold them accountable when I'm in Congress. When I'm in Congress... the Bush administration's worst nightmare is going to be me with subpoena power because I know everything that they've done, and I'm going to hold them accountable for it.
We don't need truth and reconciliation, we need punishment. We need people to be held accountable for all the mistakes that they made that have screwed us up in this war and screwed us up in this economy.

All indications are that Obama and those around him don't share Grayson's attitude. If Grayson wins and Obama and other highly placed Democrats try to get him to back off, I hope he tells them to pound sand and carries on because he's right. The Beltway version of "truth and reconciliation" means that law breakers get away with it and live to break the law another day.

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Now there's a candidate who will need bodyguards 24/7. The corrupt and the guilty will try to swift-boat Grayson, and if they can't, they will use whatever means necessary to take him out.

Spectacular. Wow -- do you think it's possible? That someone might save us from The Bores at least, and then maybe even the crooks and liars?

I thought that only DFHs dared to talk like this, and not only in the U.S.

Sounds like what that country needs.

Holy WOW Batman!!! Truly a man I could believe in! It's unfortunate that there are not more responsible citizens in the US willing to put it all on the line to make this criminal cabal, otherwise known as the Cheney administration, pay for the agregious crimes they have committed against their own people and lets face it, the entire planet. I hope Mr. Grayson gets his chance, but my greater cynicism tends to believe that this poor guy has about as much chance of winning in Florida as I have of becoming PM....

He can't win.

I predict he won't even survive the primary.

I live in FL-8, and it's way too conservative to elect Grayson. Our best hope is to unseat Ric Keller, an odious little slimeball, and replace him with someone slightly better. Charlie Stuart is my choice in the primary.

Grayson's positions line up better with my own beliefs than Stuart's do, but he's an unpleasant guy who ran an extremely dirty primary campaign against Stuart in 2006, and that turns me off.

I'd rather see Grayson continue prosecuting the war profiteers--he'll do more good there than he could as a junior Congressman.

I'd rather see Grayson continue prosecuting the war profiteers...

There is that, I suppose. Thanks for a report from the ground.

Holy mack! I thought I recognized that name from somewhere...Grayson was featured prominently in two important pieces on war-profiteering (from my old bookmarks on same):

Matt Taibbi's piece from Aug 2007: "The Rip-off in Iraq: You Will Not Believe How Low the War Profiteers Have Gone"

David Rose's piece from Nov 2007: "The People vs. the Profiteers"

It sounds like the same guy! Neat. I hope that he'll be proceeding full-steam ahead, regardless of whether or not he becomes a congresscrittur.

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