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First it was Chief Justice McLachlin's "impartiality" that was called into question. Now BigCityLib catches Jason Kenney — sorry, that's nuclear physicist and renowned seismologist Jason Kenney — questioning the integrity of everyone on the Order of Canada advisory council who voted to induct Morgentaler.

Everyone who disagrees with them is dishonest and playing politics. Project much?

Meanwhile, the Conservatives may be working so hard to shore up their base that they're letting the mask slip. Since when does a minister of this government go to LifeSite to get his views out?

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When his views on represent that small and scary minority.

I read a quote from Harper the other day that says his views wouldn't be appreciated by either side. He is not strongly pro but not strongly anti either. So all this grandstanding is to try to create division and play pulpit politics.

Jason Kenney, Jason Kenney ... Hey, is that Jason Kenney as in boy defendant at a war-crimes trial Jason Kenney? That Jason Kenney?

I've sent two notes to the GG in support of Dr. Morgentaler. I encourage that every one else do so too.

We can never underestimate the bible thumping right wing lobbyists that have crept into Canada. Their tactics have proven extremely successful in the US and they are trying hard here.

I would say that the media coverage reflects a manufactured controversy by Landolt, McVety, et al.

We can never underestimate the bible thumping right wing lobbyists...

I agree. But at the same time some of them seem prone to going overboard on this one. I forget now where I read it but there's one soul out there claiming that it's all Paul Martin's fault. The implication is that Martin name Michaelle Jean as GG precisely so she could induct Morgentaler into the Order several years later. What a crafty devil that Martin is, eh?

I live in hope that they'll discredit themselves without too much help from the rest of us.


That would be Essex Conservative MP Jeff Watson.

Link repaired - p

I heard Landolt on The Current podcast this morning being describes by Sen. Segal (also an O.C.) as someone who has "made a profession out of anger). I thought that was a most fitting description of the current "controversy".

Jesu Christ sur bicyclette. How many times can satire be declared dead?

Over on Bread and Roses I affected to theorize about Michaelle Jean being a sleeper agent briefed by Paul Martin. I never dreamed anyone would advance the idea seriously.

Has Cheryl Gallant weighed in on this Morgentaler business yet? I can't wait to hear from her.


Well, Tom Lehrer quit working in the 1970s. No point in doing satire any longer, he said. Just too hard to keep up with reality.

Um... well, not to be pendantic or anything (OK, not to be *too* pendantic), but he actually quit, officially, in 1967:

though he performed as late as 1972. It's true he said political satire became obsolete when Kissinger got the Nobel Peace Prize. But that was in 1973.

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