Thursday night Lily Tomlin blogging

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It is not often that someone so smart also becomes someone so loved. She is so smart, and she is so lovable.

One RingyDingy

Ernestine gossips with Cher

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"that woman makes Henry Kissinger look like a shut-in"

and, from her CIA notebook: "Cher arranges randy-voo..."

Too much fun. Just loves her.

Why are there subliminal messages in the first one?

Oh look! A new series! (Um, how many Lily Tomlin clips can there be? And btw, I'm still waiting for bagpipes.)

Ma Bell - 'they don't pay me to think' still happening. LOL

If someone has all the episodes of Laugh In archived, there could be a lot of Lily Tomlin clips. Having worked for AT&T, I know what it's like to live in a Lily Tomlin clip Of course, everyone gets to know what it's like because Dilbert creator Scott Adams used to work for AT&T's Bell Labs.

And I know Catbert lives - he designed the internet tech support system for MTS. It's devilishly efficient. There is only one person in the tech support department. So, since the hold time is always 2 hours, nobody ever hangs around long enough to talk to him. They find someone else to fix the problem for them. Another call successfully resolved.

By "subliminal messages," I assume you mean all the physical business, Mandos? Who knows exactly, but I read that as sexual frustration -- you know, the petty tyrant has been living repressed and takes it out on others instead of ... well, instead of really enjoying things. *cough*

Heh. I doubt I'll do a series. Friday Night Hair-cutting didn't really have legs either, although I have to sail in there with the scissors again soon. I have these neat clips to help me do a little layering and thinning this time. Still need some thinning sheers.

This is just what happens when I stay up too late giggling at the FBI and the Borat voice coming from the Iranian speedboats.

I think the reference to subliminal messages involves the brief flashes of other videos that occur twice in the first clip. Of I course I could *cough*not!*cough* be wrong.

Ohhhhhhh. Oops. You're probably right.

Pretend I didn't write that.

"We're the telephone [TELECOM] company, sir, we can do anything we like... that's potent, with an omni in front of it..."
Pay attention folks!
Not Nearly UserFriendly
Lest our worst nightmare come to pass.
Whadda ya mean - its come & gone?! Don't scare me like that!
Oh, love Lily, btw (even before 'And the Band Played On')
1 ernestine snork = ultimate snark = umpteen Absolute McGuintys.
Microsoft? It is to laugh - let's talk Macrohard, shall we?
(Oooops, sorry I've inadvertantly been sidetracked into admitting that I'm currently wrestling vith Vindows Vista
- we've been beta-tested again - have you checked your 'raid'iation levels lately?)

I'm currently wrestling vith Vindows Vista

Resistance is futile.

Resistance is futile.
It better not be. I don't really want anything to do with XP (although that may well be inevitable) but Vista or any of descendants will not be coming to a pooter near me. Period.

Well its not really a matter of choice in some circumstances. I saw a very good deal on a 3gig twin-CPU box @ Future Shop. Like all major computer retailers they refuse to sell anyone a computer without Windows pre-installed (I asked)! Some 'free' market, huh?
So I figured before nuking it altogether off my hard drive and installing GNU/Linux I would give what I have already been told by more than one person is garbage a fair chance. (It cost me an estimated extra $100+ on my bar-goon, after all!)
Sure enough, like its predecessors back to Windows 3.11 (I've never used WindowsNT or 2000) its a beta-testing dog's breakfast. After four hours of configuring that required at least a dozen restarts its sorta the way I want it. Oh, and it has automatically downloaded & installed 100+ hotfixes, security updates, patches on the patches, etc. in the twenty four hours I've had it, on about six seperate occasions, each of course requiring yet another REBOOT!
I'm keeping my trusty GNU/Linux 'live' CDs close at hand, you may be sure... :-(
Apologies for the thread hijack, Skdadl. My frustration level led to an unintended rant!

I'm thinkin' your rant just made skdadl glad she knows me.

Well, I recognize you, anyway. You're the guy who keeps writing to our blog. Like, every day. Right?

As pogge knows, mac, I understand about 25 per cent of what you've written there, but I promise you, I feel your pain. Hijack all you like. :-)

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