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The internets are abuzz with Karl Rove's announcement of his resignation and I can't think of a thing to say. The destruction he has wrought will so outlive his miserable life that having the head rat desert the sinking Titanic Bush ship of state is barely even comforting. And, of course, the fact that he has resigned from his formal position doesn't mean he's gone. It just means he can now operate with less scrutiny behind the scenes. I think I have just seen the encyclopedia entry for "hollow victory".

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While it's possible that he's going because he needs to be free to commit even dirtier tricks than usual in the run-up to the election, I think it is more likely that something is giving him trouble behind the scenes.

The logic that works for me: who in Washington still seems to have a spine?

We know that Dick Cheney does, and there is a terrifying possibility, that Cheney has won some argument or other.

Reid and Pelosi don't (see the collapse on the FISA legislation last week, and the Bush nose-thumbing that followed it), but some of the Dem committee chairs do. It may be that Leahy and/or Waxman and/or Conyers are getting somewhere. Marcy Wheeler at The Next Hurrah thinks that the Iglesias firing has produced the most interesting coincidences, eg.

And then there is Patrick Fitzgerald (and his exceptionally clever friend James Comey), who never said that his investigation was closed. He made a point of saying that it was "inactive," not closed. Could some USian media type wake up enough to ask him whether that is still true?

Major lesson from Watergate: ask the right questions.

I think it is a very big moment, even if the role of Rove has been exaggerated. David Gurgen, as seasoned a political commentator as you will find, says Rove is the most important domestic political operator for the past 50 years. It is curious to see the reaction in the USA, there is a sort of confused stumbling around looking for a lead. Even really smart and well informed people like Josh Marshall start out with a dismissive "about time" then suggest, with a hint of anxiety that something may be afoot. But surely that is one very clear sign that nothing is afoot. If there were why would he be leaving. His leaving is the admission of total defeat. The Bush regime is over.

Bush said, in one more of those moments on the lawn where all you can see is the Pres, who he is talking to, and the grass, that Rove was "goin down the road".
That is not folksy. Embarrassed, chagrined, ill at ease, all maybes but these are not words of triumph. No "mission accomplished" or "bring 'em on" in that little speech.Either Rove is smart enough to get out of there before the pillars fall (unlikely) or he has been selected to be used as a pawn, discarded before he becomes a star in the next Senate hearing psycho drama.
Which leaves Bush with a slezy liar no body believes, his house servant Attorney General, and the Vice Pres. But then Cheney only makes big noises behind the Pres, has no real power of his own, is not exactly beloved by the population, and is chicken as well.

Bush also said he too would be going down the road in some months time.

None of this sounds remotely like people who are part of a big scheme to seize power in some way in the US, so it is clear all that talk was BS as well. They have no scheme and no plan, the remaining castoffs on the Republican raft.

Now this is the problem: if nobody is left to make a plan, and they, the Bushies, do not have one, and all the sneaky followers of Strauss are in jail, fired, resigned or being eased out the door,who does have a plan? There is not even a whisper of one in the articles in Foreign Affairs.
There is nobody around who even sounds like Paul Nitze or John J McCloy, or Dean Acheson or any of those types from later administrations.

I suspect a very big hole is opening up in the political landscape of the US. We can all see there will be a movement away from the American Century and back into Fortress America. But that cannot be done, not in a world where the Americans and the Chinese have each other by the economic throat, and huge regional blocs are forming up very quickly. So if the last decade was "interesting times" the next will be a howler. What did I hear this morning about the banks....

Clearly this is not a good time to have a government in Canada whose leader and members are inspired by the past eight years of Bush.Every single major policy, domestic and foreign that has been pursued has led straight to disaster.

This is my point. If Bush and Co are politically and finally defeated right now, and if they have no plan, and if the Democrats have neither a plan nor the stomach to get into it by impeachment or the like, and if the establishment down there has no plan, why should Canada go forward one more day
following the Republican parade of 8 years ago with broom and dustpan. We can handle the humiliation but the elephant is about to roll over.

That's a very good point, garhane. I think it's true that there should at this point be a strong impulse both at the grassroots and among some of the elites in the US towards a more isolationist approach; and that includes plenty of Republicans. But that puts them at loggerheads with the multinationals and the way they've almost systematically made the US less self-sufficient over the past couple decades, and profited massively from doing so. The fallout could indeed be, uhm, interesting. An ugly thought: the kind of person who might see their power and influence rising in the aftermath of Bush might be the Pat Buchanans.

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