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Okay folks. This project is about ready to go live. Or, at least, I have spent about as much time on setup as I can afford. This time I would appreciate your input.

The object of the exercise is to put the maximum information in the minimum space and still have something I can update fairly quickly.

I have tested this in Opera, Internet Exploder 6 and Firefox and it seems to work in all of them. In my opinion, it renders better at 800x600 but is still all fine at 1024x768. I have not been able to test it in all browsers at all resolutions. I also suspect it will be unreadable in any RSS feed reader. Please let me know in comments where it doesn't work. I probably can't do anything about it but I will try.

I have deliberately left some things out. I have left regional data out at this point. While I find it more interesting in many ways, the price of the regional breakdown is a margin of error 2 - 3 times what it is for the national polls. What that mean is, nationally, 35% means a range of 32 - 38% but 29 - 41% in most regions going as high as 25 - 45% in others. Interesting but not particularly useful.

I have also left out seat projections although I am still researching this one. So far, all I have seen have flaws - they are too slow in responding to changes, overreact badly to changes within the margin of error, fail to adequately handle the large numbers of undecideds, require unreliable regional data or some combination of the above. There is one I will probably add soon but I want to do bit more work on this area first.

Let me know if there are things you would like to see added keeping in mind the objective stated above.

Posted @ 12:45pm CST Jan.7

National Poll Results

Date Poll Lib CPC NPD BQ GRN MoE
Jan. 5 SES 33 34 17 11 6 +/-2.9
Jan. 5 SC 31 33 17 13 6 +/-2.5
Jan. 5 IR 31 35 18 n/a 5 n/a

SES is SES/CPAC Nightly Tracking Poll.  SC is Strategic Counsel Tracking Poll.  ENV is  Environics Research Group.  DEC is Decima Research.  LEG is Leger Marketing.  Ekos is  Ekos  Research Associates.  IR is Ipsos Reid.  POL is Pollara Strategic Public Opinion and Market Research.  


National Results From the SES/CPAC Nightly Tracking Poll

Undecided Voters


Best PM

Leadership Index   Change*















































*Change from previous day.

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[UPDATE: Political Arithmetik has graphs of the polling trends, and an analysis of the latest polls, which show an average lead for the Conservatives nationally of 2.5%, though a tracking poll shows slippage in recent days. It is worth reiterating tha... Read More


I am finding a problem regarding Internet Explorer. It renders the test post better than the other 2 browsers but blows out the sidebar on the blog. I'm working on it.

I'm in Internet Explorer right now. If I size the window down enough, it knocks the sidebar down to the bottom of the page but it does the same thing in Firefox. The width of the table forces the width of the main column so everything in the sidebar after the Contributors section gets blown out.

Incidentally, I run 1152 x 768 and I normally don't run my browser full screen. I also run the browser sidebar with my bookmarks in it so effectively my viewing area is probably just over 800 pixels wide. Everything's fine with my normal browsing habits.

After a few quick checks, the problem with IE seems to happen only @ 800x600 resolution. At 1024x768 or higher it goes away. I will have to shrink the cells slightly to fix it. There is excessive white space in the second table but I may be able to improve that by changing the cell padding. I will be away for a couple of hours. Let me know of any other problems and I will try to fix them tonight.

Things look good and I am using Opera Browser. We'll see how this comment works.

There is no end of CBC propaganda and the most stealthy and successful has been the very real hurdle of the *fear Harper agenda*. So my argument is...

While my personal politics don't really matter, I think it is important to talk to as many undecided voters as possible and present this overview.

Liberal Voter ? Me too, but,

This time I’m voting for Harper because the Liberals need a time out to clear out the dead wood and renew . Respect for liberals is at such a low ebb, that if elected as a weak minority, the Liberal Party could go out in flames just as the Social Credit party did in B.C.

Industrialist Paul Martin at the helm makes the Liberals more of a Conservative Corporate party rather than a true Liberal party. Martin fired his Canadian marine crews and hired on non-union Central and South American crews. He also registered his Canadian Steamship Lines in Barbados in order to avoid paying Canadian taxes.

Those moves are acceptable for an industrialist but they are not appropriate for the Prime Minister of Canada. Martin is banking on the fact that most Canadian voters simply do not have the time to read the news in detail in these busy modern times.

You may be aware of the Sponsorship scandal, but that is only the tip of a very big iceberg. There are well over 200 losses and thefts of Canada’s public funds and the list is still growing.



These losses run well into the billions of dollars and have contributed to the loss of services in emergency hospital departments and countless other areas.

Time for a Conservative vote. If the Harper team fails to do the job, we can always vote the Liberals back in and by that time the Liberals will have a new respect for integrity and efficiency.
Sound logical? TG

Sorry for the delay for the comment to show up TG - comments with more than a certain number of links have to be approved by a moderator as an antispam measure. The rendering differences between browsers is a constant irritant. It actually displays as written only in IE but like you, I'm an Opera user.

As for your comments, it's hard not to agree with your asessment of the Liberal Party. However, I can't personally go along with your conclusions. I would not vote Conservative under any circumstances. And my Conservative candidate is one of the most reactionary in Harper's caucus. There is no way no how under no circumstances I am voting for him. Even worse, in this riding the Conservatives could run a dead rattlesnake and still win. So my choices are find someone I want to give $1.75 a year to or stay home.

Not sure what you're up to but FWIW it looks fine in Bloglines (Atom feed: http://www.pogge.ca/atom.xml) in MS IE on Windows.

Suggestion on the table: cellborder=0 makes for a sharper look on the table IMO.

Looks fine in Mozilla 1.7, mahigan. I like Daniel K's suggestion.

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