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There's an article in the Ottawa Citizen describing how a senior military officer objected to the way Canadian troops treated prisoners in Afghanistan. He's concerned that the troops may be violating the Geneva Convention. What jumped out at me wasn't so much the hoods and flexicuffs, it was this:

But Department of National Defence officials say that since the Afghan mission is a peacekeeping operation, any prisoners taken by Canadian troops are not subject to the convention.

So the standards are lower in a peacekeeping operation than in a war?

These are the kinds of games with semantics that have been used to justify the treatment of detainees in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib. I didn't realize that DND officials had been studying at the feet of Alberto Gonzales.

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WTF indeed. Didn't you realize pogge that there are certain elements in the Defence and Security establishments that always look south for their inspiration and see our government as merely a nuisance?

It appears that when you are a peacekeeper you break the GConventions with the hoods and the flex-cuffs you have, not the ones you wish you had.

If there is validity to his concerns we must make sure that Major Wilson, unlike that young American kid Darby, is not scapegoated.

Canadian Forces ought to be taking the higher road. Our reputation requires it, our effectiveness in the world full of conflict demands it.

To do less condems us to the ranks of "you are just like the other guys"

wow. i hope you guys are writing to your MPs.

Thats some crazy shit.

And here I thought in Canada we didn't play these kind of 'games'.

Another Somalia Inquiry, anyone? This coming from someone who's pissed that the inquiry was stopped prematurely...

The US demands that we must sign on to their military defense plans, that they will protect us from their enemies as we have none of our own and have no plans for making any.

And we need to pay strict attention to what those defense plans are as they go well beyond this administration: "Pentagon aims to replace soldiers with robots within 20 years . . . #127-billion US program to develop robotic fighters is priciest in US military history."

The United States has no intention for peace. It means to perpetuate war for the duration and apparently to control the productive countries of the world including Canada.


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