A sign of things to come?

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The NDP has regained official party status in Ontario and done it in rather a resounding fashion with a convincing victory in a byelection in Hamilton East.

New Democrat Andrea Horwath, 41, a Hamilton city councillor since 1997, trounced Liberal candidate Ralph Agostino, 42, with nearly twice as many votes.

... The riding's 187 poll stations reported an unofficial vote count of 15,185 ballots for Horwath, compared to 6,362 votes for Agostino.

The Tory candidate, Tara Crugnale, got 1,619 votes.

To be fair, the incumbent Liberal would have been Dominic Agostino but he passed away in March from liver cancer. The Liberal candidate was his brother and I don't image Ralph had much time to establish a name for himself in the riding.

And while the Tory candidate had her head handed to her, recall that the provincial Tories in Ontario are on a serious time-out. We don't like them anymore. They've been sent to their rooms. Hopefully for at least a generation.

The loss for the Liberals is a blow to the McGuinty government and sends a message that voters aren't happy with what the party has done since it swept into power last fall.

It's also damaging to Hamilton's Liberal Party members. A number of members questioned how Agostino was selected as the candidate, particularly since a well-known city councillor had also wanted to represent the riding.

(Hmmm. Funny business in the nomination process here too?)

So is this a backlash against Liberals in general? Or is this really provincial business that has no bearing on the coming federal election?

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Did you hear that Ken Dryden going to run for the Liberals?

Ugh! Does Canada really need another pompous arrogant elitist windbag running for office? Do we want our politicians to be like the European elitist pols? *sigh*

We may have send the Conservtives to their rooms - but they're starting to look appealing given Dalton's track record since being elected.


Dryden's a pretty smart guy, but I'm not fond of "star" candidates and Martin seems to be relying on them far too much. He's alienated a lot of his troops on the ground with these antics.

So you must really despise Schwarzenegger, eh?


I'm nowhere near ready to bring Eves back. Not even close. And don't even talk about Harris.

I've never been particularly enamoured of McGuinty, but to be fair to the Liberals, they inherited one hell of a mess. Unfortunately, it seems that the pain involved in cleaning up the mess will be blamed on the Liberals.


It's not the fact that he is a "star". I think he is a pompous elitist. I have ready many many hockey books and have come across instances of Dryden's behaviour that has given me this point of view.

Also I found 'The Game' a dreadful book. I found that reviewers seemed to focus on how "intelligently" written it was, but I found it boring.

I don't mind Schwarzenegger, but I am not sure how he is doing in Cali. He has quite a mess to clean up.

I am heartened that Cali has a Republican governor. That has to help Dubya. There was a poll out yesterday showing Kerry only leading Bush by 1 point in Cali. I fully expect Dubya to be re-elected, but if the Dems are neck and neck with Bush in a liberal stronghold like Cali - then they are in even bigger trouble than I thought.


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