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John Dean thinks George W. Bush should be impeached. And impeachment is a subject that Dean knows something about. In an interview with Bill Moyers which will air this evening to coincide with the release of Dean's new book called Worse than Watergate, there is the following exchange:

Let me go right to page 155 of your book. You write, quote, "The evidence is overwhelming that George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney have engaged in deceit and deception over going to war in Iraq. This is an impeachable offense."

Absolutely is. The founders in the debates in the states-- I cite one. I cite one that I found -- I tracked down after reading the Nixon impeachment proceedings when-- Congressman Castenmeyer had gone back to look to see what the founders said about misrepresentations and lying to the Congress. Clearly, it is an impeachable offense. And I think the case is overwhelming that these people presented false information to the Congress and to the American people.

That should take the level of rhetoric up another notch. At least.

Via TalkLeft.

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How can a basic fool with low communications skills coupled with a sneaky big oil manipulator appeal to common people? I guess we should ask Karl R., also how can so many ordinary people be out of work amidst an uglier and uglier war spectacle coupled with the domination of the petroleum industry and still see this guy as a leader? Ask Goebbels (minister for propaganda).
How can the media be perceived as liberally biased when they suppress so many telling examples of Bush's ineptitude?

I think it's your last question that concerns me most. Without at least passive cooperation from the media, the propaganda wouldn't be nearly so effective.


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