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I'm posting this from Mozilla running on Linux. The reason that's noteworthy is that until about 15 minutes ago I had never run Linux in my life. I downloaded something called Gnoppix, which is a Linux implementation that comes as an iso file suitable for burning to a CD. You then set your system up to boot from the CD Drive, reboot with the CD in the drive, and there you are. If you're tempted to experiment with Linux but don't want to mess with your normal setup, this is the way to go (assuming you have broadband so you don't grow old waiting for the download). And there are quite a number of alternatives (via slashdot) from which to choose. I'll probably try a few more before I'm done.

I can't speak for the rest of them, but this one figured out all my hardware as it booted. There was no configuration required except selecting the language and clicking on the keyboard icon to find the one that gave me the characters I was expecting, although I may go looking in a minute to see if I can increase the screen resolution. And when I say no configuration, I just loaded the browser and I was on line (I'm going through a hub and router to a cable modem - that may help). I'm impressed.

OK, I just found a minor quibble. It didn't read my mind and figure out what I want it to do with button number four on my five-button mouse. I'm going to go play now.

I should have added that Gnoppix is beta software, i.e. this is not a finished product and it has bugs. I've already stumbled across one. If you're impatient with that sort of thing you might want to try one of the alternatives that's up to 'gold code'.

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If you're playing with Linux, you should check out (if you haven't already). I've been using it for a while and it's pretty sweet, for something that's free.

I already use Open Office for Windows. I've abandoned Microsoft products as much as possible except for Windows itself. And Gnoppix comes with the latest version of Open Office.

Yeah. I thought about switching to Linux myself, but got hung up on the lack of a real open-source alternative to Visio and Project.


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