A Quick Review on Schlage Smart Door Locks

A smart door lock is a great addition to your current home security system and one of the most popular today is Schlage smart door lock. Here is a quick review of the Schlage smart door lock.

Schlage is one of the popular makers of locks since the 1920s. The company has stood up over the test of time to produce quality and innovative locks, even up to this day. If you are currently planning to invest in smart locks to boost your current home security system, you should consider Schlage smart door locks. Here is a quick review of the Schlage smart door lock.


Schlage offers Sense, Encode, and Connect smart locks; these locks are innovatively designed with built-in alarm technology that will set off if an intrusion is suspected. Also, you will receive real-time notifications about the possible break-in of your smartphone. Additionally, you’ll be able to do real-time monitoring of every entries and exit.

Mobile Application

Schlage smart locks have a mobile application that allows you to check the lock history, the entries and exits, possible break-ins, and more. Also, through the mobile app, you will receive real-time notifications of the lock being tampered with for possible break-ins.


For easy re-keying, Schlage offers that option too; this allows you to rekey the lock when needed. However, it is notable that re-keying Schlage smart door locks are a bit complex than other smart locks.

Smart Home Functionality

Schlage smart locks are compatible with several home technologies including, Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, and other similar technologies. This allows you to access the smart lock through smart home devices. So, whenever, you feel at it, you can just command Alexa to secure the lock at your front door while you are staying in bed.

Lock Options

Schlage offers a lot of lock options; where you can install a smart lock to a door with an existing deadbolt. Also, Schlage smart door lock offers key and keyless options, as well as, lock with or without a handle.

ANSI Rating

One thing that is noticeable with Schlage smart door locks is its ANSI ratings. Currently, Schlage smart door locks are being rates at Grade 1 rating – considerably a high rating for Residential smart door locks. All this is because Schlage is designed with the toughest materials.

Its deadbolt has thick and solid housing that makes it sturdier and more resistant to forced entry. Moreover, the bolt is designed longer and stronger, making it harder to forcibly open the door. If you could check here, there is a detailed comparison of Schlage smart door lock with one of the popular smart locks today – Kwikset.

Final Review

Schlage is a bit expensive than other smart door locks in the market today – expensive than Kwikset. However, with its outstanding features and noticeable functionality, investing in it is not a waste of money. So, if you are currently confused, which smart lock to choose, you may choose Schlage smart locks.

If you need additional details on this, you may check the Key Lock Guide’s website today.