5 Best down Booties for Hiking

When you have a craze for hiking and keeping up with your health too, you must carry a modern and state of the art gear that need not to be very expensive but that must serve the purpose. One of the most essential products that you must carry on long journeys is a pair of best boots that keep your feet warm while camping because while you are on your feet for long in dense forests, your feet will get sore on each individual trip.

There are a lots of choices that are present in market and on online stores that are offering a lot of varieties for these boots. If you want to invest in quality shoes let us give you some of the best choices that offer value for money.

Review of five best boots for hiking:

Hikers will surely know the importance of quality shoes that can be used to protect your feet from weather and all difficult trains that a hiker normally comes in contact while on mountain trips. There are a lots of different boots verities to pick from. Let us discuss five of the leading products that you can buy for this purpose.

1. Baffin Base Camp Slipper:

This boot comes with a hard base that protect your feet from getting injured and avoids conditions like sore feet when you are moving on rocks. It provides stable base for moving on small rocks and prevent hiker from slipping. It’s larger down area helps to provide you with enough traction that you need while climbing rocks and hills.

2. Western Mountaineering Standard down Bootie:

It is a standard bootie that comes with hard bottom and soft top material to ease your mountaineering experience and helps in fast climbing. It has low weight and high traction that helps in providing you with confidence while you are climbing on steeper paths. It is equally preferred by all mountain range climbers whether it is hilly area or green forests.

3. AEGISMAX down Booties down Socks Warm Soft Slippers:

It comes with Warm socks and soft materials for inner part of bootie where your foot resides. It is made for snowy and winter weather conditions where you need to have your feet protected from harsh weather conditions. It maintains its warmness for longer periods of times and gives you confidence in your climbing efforts.

4. Tea Ember Mock Booties:

It is made with ember fabric that is very gentle on your feet and helps in maintain your body temperature and warmth that you will need on your long trips.

5. Holiberty Waterproof Cozy down Warm Fleece Bootie Shoes:

When you are moving in rain forests or humid environments, it is very likely that you will develop sore foot problem if you will not use a waterproof bootie that will help you in getting rid of humidity inside your bootie and keeps the inner part dry for longer durations thus you have ease of moving along your journey for longer durations without breaking a sweat.